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Logbook Suite 1.2

May 7, 2017: The new Version 1.2 of Logbook Suite offers some new features and various improvements in Logbook and the Add-ons as well as a simplified file handling using the Logbook Manager.

Logbook Suite 1.2 comes with the new Add-on Scheduler, an interactive visual personal organizer for sailors and motor boaters. Organize with Scheduler your trips, maintenance and regattas. Scheduler differs from conventional calendars mainly by its intuitive presentation of the time and the appointments in a continuous timeline. Read more on Scheduler here.

Running the update is more than easy: Download the new Logbook Suite 1.2 for the PC from your shop account at shop.2k-yachting.de or, if you have not already purchased a license, fill out the form and download from our website. Then run the installer. The iPad version you will get from the Apple App Store, as usually. During the installation all your files will be updated automatically. (Please note: The automatic update only affects files with default file names in the default data folder, other files need to be manually updated to version 1.2. Read more on our Q&A page.)

The most important innovations at a glance:

  • New Add-on Scheduler – the visual planner for voyages and maintenance
  • Simplified file handling with Logbook Manager
  • Logbook: Full-screen view for weather maps
  • Logbook: Buttons on the navigation sheets for automatic entry for engine on/off
  • Crew: Preview of the forms created by Crew before printing or creating the PDF
  • Crew: New print function for travel data including crew list
  • Crew: Print and export function for complete crew list
  • First-Aid Kit: The quantity entered in the usage list is now subtracted directly from the stock (even for multiple charges)
  • Maintenance: Search by date range (for start date, due date and date finished) to display all jobs in a specific time period
  • in all modules: Simplified PDF creation
  • and various small edits in all modules
  • Note: All serial numbers for Logbook and the Add-ons purchased from our shop are still valid.

    Logbook Suite 1.1

    Oktober 9, 2016: The first major update for our software package Logbook Suite is available. It is the most comfortable update ever for Logbook and the Add-ons: Just install the new version Logbook Suite 1.1 by preplacing Logbook Suite—the integrated automatic updater will do the rest. After a short while all your files are ready and adapted to the new version. (Please note: The automatic update only affects files with default file names in the default data folder, other files need to be manually updated to version 1.1. Read more on our Q&A page.)

    The most important innovations at a glance:

  • optimized for iOS 10 and for MacOS Sierra
  • connection to Dropbox and iCloud etc. for backups and for data exchange between iPad und PC
  • The automatic update function for data files, the comfortable backup feature and many further small enhancements simplify the handling of the suite.
  • The Add-on First-Aid Kit has been extended with a categorisation of the medicine as well as with further list views.
  • Several Add-ons have new print layouts.
  • The brand new Add-on WorldEnsigns is a visual encyclopedia of naval ensigns. The numerous search functions help to quickly find flags of ships and their respective countries.
  • Note: As usual all serial numbers for Logbook and the Add-ons purchased from our shop are still valid.

    Logbook Suite now also available for Windows 32 bit sytems

    April 20, 2016: Due to requests from our customers we have developed a 32-bit version of Logbook Suite. You will receive the download link when you fill out our download form.

    Logbook Suite

    April 8, 2016: 2K Yachting launches Logbook Suite
    Logbook Suite is the new version of our software package Logbook. It includes version 3.8 of Logbook and slightly updated versions of the Add-ons.
    Logbook Suite is now available as an app for iPad, which can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store and works without FileMaker Go. All downloads from our website and our online shop now load the latest files of the software package Logbook Suite.
    Logbook Suite provides an automatic update function to easily transfer your data from previous versions of Logbook and the Add-ons.
    Details about the update can be found here.

    The most important innovations at a glance:

  • iPad version available as an app in the Apple App Store
  • Dutch user interface
  • optimized layouts for iPad Pro
  • 130% zoom level on PC
  • special options for inland waterways (location and river kilometers)
  • get air pressure using iPad barometer
  • warning before automatic NMEA data entry if there is entered already a position
  • duplicate a crew from a trip into a new trip
  • new fields in fuel calculator: costs of each fueling, total fuel costs, comments
  • color coding for wind speeds also in print outs
  • improved update and import functions
  • automatic data import from Logbook 3.7
  • Note: All serial numbers for Logbook and the Add-ons purchased from our shop are still valid and are also valid for the iPad version from the Apple App Store.

    Update to Logbook

    February 15, 2016: 2K Yachting launches the update to Logbook
    All downloads from 2K Yachting's website and shop now load the latest files of the app package Logbook
    This update fixes a few minor bugs in Logbook and some Add-ons. However, since only a few features are concerned, it is not necessary for any user to perform the update.
    Details of the update can be found here.

    New Version Logbook 3.7

    January 17, 2016: 2K Yachting launches Logbook 3.7
    The new version Logbook 3.7 provides both in Logbook itself and in the Add-ons many small improvements and enhancements of existing features. Primarily, we have "worked under the surface", thus Logbook and the Add-ons run more reliably. But there are also some visible changes and additions:

    • Swedish user interface for Logbook and all Add-ons – user manuals in Swedish are following during the next month
    • For easier data exchange between iPad and PC Logbook now uses for all data files on all devices the same extension .fmp12.
    • Logbook: New dialog Crew List with possibility to select names from the list of persons in the Add-on Crew
    • Logbook: improved handling of engine hours when traveling overnight
    • Logbook: additional fields in the view Ship
    • Logbook: color coding indicating whether UTC is for same day or another day as the local tilme
    • Logbook on iPad: possibility to insert the time from the iPad instead of the GPS time
    • BoardCash: New dialog Crew with possibility to select names from the list of persons in the Add-on Crew
    • BoardCash: on iPad entry of expenses and deposits improved by entering into a dialog instead of popovers
    • BoardCash: more meaningful texts for the deposit when payment is not made from board cash
    • BoardCash: printing option for continuously printing all lists (expenses, deposits, summaries)
    • First-Aid Kit: new fields for additional information on medications
    • First-Aid Kit: new list usage list to record when and to whom a medication has been administered
    • Problems with the file LogbookExchange solved
    • On the iPad: user interface of all tools optimized the FileMaker Go 14

    Use the buttons on the right (or on small displays at the bottom) to load Logbook 3.7 for your operating system. You can test Logbook for free.

    And of course the update is—as always— free for all Logbook licenses purchased in our shop.

    All our customers who own a Logbook license can download the latest version of Logbook 3.7 from their 2K Yachting Shop Account without the need to fill out our download form again.
    Ignore the version number that is displayed in your account! All versions of Logbook are now automatically linked to the download of Logbook 3.7.

    Update for Add-ons

    September 6, 2015: 2K Yachting released updated versions of the Add-ons BoardCash, Crew, FirstAid-Kit and Maintenance.

    The updates for BoardCash, FirstAid-Kit and Maintenance include some minor bug fixes.
    Furthermore the update for Crew extends the Add-on with the skipper's signature feature. The signature of the skipper stored as an image can be added to safety instructions, immigration forms and personal cruise logs.

    For more information about the update, links to download and detailed instructions for performing the updates go to Q&A page.
    As usual the updates are free of charge.

    This is new in version 3.6

    Version 3.6 provides its own user interface for sailboats and motor boats as well as the choice of the units of nm and km for trips at sea or on inland waterways.

    We thank our customers for all the suggestions for improvement and new features for Logook. Many of them are now included in the new Logbook 3.6. Here is just an extract of the improvements in Logbook 3.6:

    • Recording the start and stop times for 2 engines and 2 generators or diesel heating
    • Separate recording of log values when switching on and off for up to 2 engines
    • Logbook sheets for battery monitoring and the fillings of up fuel and fresh water tanks
    • Calculation tool for fresh waterand improved calculation tool for fuel
    • Fields for 2 weather charts
    • Slideshow functions for journal images (image size now selectable) and images of tracks
    • Checklists for to dos before and after the journey
    • Improved printing function with new layouts
    • Simplified entering of times
    • On the iPad: zoom function, can be set on and off
    • On the PC: user-selectable data folder for Logbook

    Important note for all our customers from Apple Mac App Store

    We regret that due change of the developer standards for software distribution in the Mac App Store it is not possible to sell the current version of Logbook in App Store. Therefore, Logbook Suite is available only in our web shop.
    Please contact us, if you have purchased a version of Logbook in the App Store and want to upgrade to Logbook Suite.

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